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Scarlet-Clicks is a PTC site that gives its members an opportunity to earn extra money online by clicking and viewing ads and other tasks.

This strategy guide is for  members or anyone interested in learning how to earn money online with . Please be sure to read the entire guide and enjoy! Once you have read the overview of the program, you can join by clicking any of the banners below. Also, be sure to check out the that will allow you to promote this guide with your ID in it for free, or pay a small one time fee for LIFETIME REFERRAL TRAFFIC!


Strategy Guide Credits

People who contribute to the success of their programs and the programs of others by authoring and sponsoring, are leaders and therefore, wants to give them the opportunity to showcase all of their programs. Simply click on the member ID and a new window will appear which shows all of the programs that they have sponsored, and their affiliate links.

The platinum sponsor spot is reserved for the person with the most sponsorships for this guide/co-op.
The gold sponsor spot rotates members’ profiles who have purchased at least 25 sponsorships system wide.
The silver sponsor spot rotates affiliates’ profiles who have earned at least $100 in commissions.
The copper sponsor spot rotates members’ profiles for any member who sponsors this guide/co-op.


What is ?

Scarlet-Clicks has been around and paying since 2009.
Most PTC sites do not last that long.
Allows renting referrals.
Unlimited direct referrals and earn 40% commission from your referrals.
Low Minimim Cashout – $0.30 – $0.50 to cashout through Paypal, and $1.05 to cashout via Payza.
Cashouts will take about 7 days.


How to Earn as a Free Member

Earn about $0.01 per click.
Earn from your rented and direct referrals clicks.
Earn 40%-100% from your referrals clicks.
Earn $0.50 commission from referral upgrades.
Paid to sign up program. Earn $0.05 – $0.25 for signing up at other sites.
ScarletGrid – It is a game which you can play daily. Just click anywhere on the grid and once the ad has been viewed, you will be informed if you have won anything or not. As soon as you win a prize, it will be credited instantly to your account balance. You can only click upto a certain number of times depending on your membership. You can win as much as $1.
Earn traffic credits which allows you to advertise your site for free.



Recommended Upgrades

Go for Yearly Unlimited which costs $200/year.
Earn 100% of click value from your referrals.
Unlimited direct and rented referrals.
Earn $0.50 commission everytime one of your referral upgrades his/her membership.
Rent referrals every 3 days.
5% Referral Ad Purchase Commision.


First, register for a free account at any of the banners on this page.
Click on view ads on the top menu and click as many ads as you can.

You can get unlimited direct referrals by promoting your referral link on this page and not invest anything.
You can also either not invest and keep on clicking everyday until you earn enough to purchase rented referrals. Or you can invest whatever you can afford to rent or buy referrals.

Once you get 200 rented referrals, upgrade to Monthly Gold for $10/month or Yearly Gold for $100/year.
Keep renting referrals until you reach 2000 and then upgrade to Yearly Unlimited for $200/year.
Yearly Unlimited allows you to get unlimited rented referrals.

If you cannot sponsor, feel free to promote the guide with your ID in it (
Good luck and thanks for reading!

Anyone who sponsors this co-op will be able to fill their downlines for a longer period of time, and more economically efficient. For example: You could run a one day fixed ad somewhere and get a coupple of referrals. Or, you could spend the same amount and have your affiliate banner displayed to relevant users FOR LIFE! And, you will be guaranteed to traffic to this guide FOR LIFE. Now think about it… that is a one time purchase that will help you permanently. Once the co-op sells out of sponsorships, the program will be added to the webmaster’s “official guides” and become a monthly subscription program PERMANENTLY INCLUDED in the webmaster’s Ad co-op, that pays recurring commission prizes to the lifetime sponsors… FOR LIFE! The more sponsorships you have in this co-op, the more chances you will have at winning those prizes down the road, the more traffic your referral ID will get, and also member profile views, where you can showcase ALL of YOUR referral links!


Author’s Updates

The author has not posted any updates yet


Disclaimer/Reader Responsibility

These guides are written by members, and in no way does guarantee your results using this program, or any program for that matter. These guides are intended to allow members to share their experiences, and yours may vary greatly. Thank you for reading, and if information in this guide seems intentionally misleading or inaccurate, please contact the webmaster.


Affiliates & Authors

Anyone who has purchased at least one sponsorship, or has subscribed to any of the core programs listed on the guide index page may register an account at  and earn 10% commissions while promoting your program referral IDs! It is a win-win-win-win when you can EDUCATE others, RECRUIT referrals for programs you already use, EARN affiliate fees, and SHARE the opportunity with others! Write your own strategy guide and earn 20% of all sales from your guide, PLUS you can still earn affiliate fees when promoting your program! Get involved now and start earning!


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